Valdemar's Song (The Baron and the Minstrel of the Hall)

from by Efenwealt Wystle



Ah, another autobiographical one. I wrote this in honor of Baron Valdemar Wendel Bayard, OP and Lady Alisaundre ni Fheidhlimidh (now a Mistress of the Laurel in An Tir). Valdemar has been my feudal lord, my mentor, and my friend since I first started in the SCA. Alisaundre is the blessed woman who first taught me what it meant to be a bard. I learned more from them and the examples they set than either can ever know. The line "the minstrel of the hall" is taken from a song by Francis of Saxony. Alisaundre sang it for Valdemar at the very first bardic circle I attended.

So much of life in the SCA is centered around interactions between teachers and students. We all have so much to learn from each other, and none of us has all the answers. Though we all walk different paths on our quests, they all point to the same place. That place is made up of the very best qualities and talents within each of us. Learning to find that and forgive each other's imperfections is what brings us all closer to our Dream.


Years ago when I first discovered Elvegast
In the Barony of Windmasters' Hill
I went to feast and to watch the Harvest Tournament
A day I still remember and hope I always will
And I dreamed that someday I'd do everything
And I planned to one day have it all
I met a lord and a lady who'd show me the way
The baron and the minstrel of the hall

He was once the noble leader of my barony
He was proud and strong. His honor bold and true.
The lady was the minstrel who inspired me
She'd play her songs the day and night right through
And that evening as we sat around the circle
And we listened to the music, quite enthralled
I could feel the shared admiration between
The baron and the minstrel of the hall

The baron sought to teach me grace and courtesy
The lady encouraged me to sing
Though I may have strayed from the paths that they layed
And they just might think I haven't learned a thing
But they'll always be the guideposts on my journey
Though they think their contributions may be small
How can you repay someone for giving you a dream?
The baron and the minstrel of the hall

Now the years have gone and the minstrel traveled far away
The baron has made me part of his clan
I look back on the dreams I've made realities
And I see so many more that I still can
Though you may not understand why I follow him
Or why it is I answered his call
Now he is my captain, the master of my Oath.
And now I am the minstrel of his hall


from Minstrel by Trade (and a Fool in my Spare Time), released August 1, 1999




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