Raised by Nerds

by The Blibbering Humdingers



Songs for nerds, by nerds, about nerds. Or do you prefer the term "geek" or "dork"? Who cares? We don't. We love stuff.


released June 1, 2015

All arrangements are by Scott & Kirsten Vaughan.
bass, electric guitar, mandolin and ukelele by Chuck Parker (Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 8)
fiddle on Track 5 by Sunnie Larsen
drums on Track 6 by Eddie Mowery
keyboard on Track 10 by Marilyn Wienand


all rights reserved



The Blibbering Humdingers Cary, North Carolina

These magical masters of musical hi-jinx and mayhem will wizard rock the tea towel right off your house elf. Their unique blend of 80s new wave, 50s do-wop, straight up pop rock and old-timey sing-song comedy will leave you laughing and crying for more. Songs about the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Dr Who, D&D, the SCA, medieval fantasy and all kinds of nerdy fandom. Salaciously whimsical! ... more

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Track Name: Raised by Nerds
Raised By Nerds the Blibbering Humdingers capo2

Am C/G F E7 Am G E7
Wore my batman costume -ev’ry day -for a couple of years,
Put my tiny hands on my baby head makin’ yoda ears

Dm E7
speaking klingon by the age of three,
I’ll show you Pete Jackson’s cameo in Bree

Am G
Raised By Nerds! And we’re smart and proud!
Raised By Nerds! And we’ll shout it loud(ly)!
Am G E7
Raised By Nerds! not part of your crowd....,
and we don’t care…Hey! Hey! Hey!
Am C/G F E7
raised by Nerds! Hey! Hey! Hey! Raised by nerds!

In our dungeon crawl, I'm outa luck, my magic missiles are hurled.
Made a working TARDIS and a Portal Gun in my minecraft world.
Modded Nerf guns with the steampunk brass,
Watching John Green for my History class!
Go to cons with a LARP foam master sword strapped to my pack,
I'd sacrifice goats to the Elder gods to bring Firefly back
Spilled blue milk on the kitchen floor
Playin Magic cards at the Pennsic War,
In my yearbook pic, wore my cool top hat and my slytherin pride
I can quote all the lines from the Holy Grail and the Princess Bride. (why do you always skip that part???)
Ewok song- we know the words.
thats because we're the best of nerds
Am G Am G Am G F F# G
--yubnub echop yubnub. etometopeneykeen genookdock fling ooh ahh....
Track Name: In My Merry Oldsmobile
Young Johnny Steele has an Oldsmobile
He loves his dear little girl
She is the queen of his gas machine
She has his heart in a whirl
Now when they go for a spin, you know,
She tries to learn the auto, so
He lets her steer, while he gets her ear
And whispers soft and low...

Come away with me, Lucille
In my merry Oldsmobile
Down the road of life we'll fly
Automobubbling, you and I
To the church we'll swiftly steal
Then our wedding bells will peal
You can go as far as you like with me
In my merry Oldsmobile.

They love to "spark" in the dark old park
As they go flying along
She says she knows why the motor goes
The "sparker" is awfully strong
Each day they "spoon" to the engine's tune
Their honeymoon will happen soon
He'll win Lucille with his Oldsmobile
And then he'll fondly croon...
Track Name: Key to Your Hearts (Gallifreyan Waltz)
When you took me on board, said you were a timelord,
that we could go anywhere, anywhen…
well you’ve got a cute toosh, lets find the lost moon of Poosh
and be off on adventures again.
Well you’re bossy and smug, not a bad mug,
though you ain’t as hot as Jack Harkness.
Oh Darlin, I don’t want the key to your hearts,
just give me the key to your tardis

Love’s Labour’s Won, as a show should be fun,
Stop the witches before they can harm us -
well you make up a rhyme, and tell it in time,
and then we cast expelliarmus
Well I know you’re right fond of your time lord parts,
though nothin’s as long as that scarf is,
Darlin’ I don’t want the key to your hearts,
just give me the key to your tardis.

You took me to see the greatest library
in the universe, that’s what you said.
But the Vashta Naradas ate ‘em like enchiladas,
and now everybody is dead!
On that chalkboard you scrawl, like a big know-it-all.
Those glasses don’t add to your smartness
Darlin’ I don’t want the key to your hearts,
just give me the key to your tardis.

We went on vacation, but the welcoming station
said a plague had killed everyone here.
In an alternate timestream, that feels like a bad dream,
and was stuck here for 36 years.
Well I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again
but I ask that you not disregard this
Oh, Darlin’ I don’t want the key to your hearts,
just give me the key to your tardis. I Just want the key to your tardis.
Just give me the freakin key to your Tardis...
Track Name: Fimbulvetr (2016 remix)
Crashing ever forward --- the longship cuts the sea.
The captain watches skyward --- for he knows what's soon to be.
Dark storm clouds are rising --- from the edges of the world.
The cold white sun is dying --- for the giant's axe is hurled.

The world now sleeps frozen --- in winter's ice grasp.
The frost giants leave the mountains --- armed with spear and axe.
Storm they now the lowlands --- raging death to all.
Merciful to no man --- the mightiest shall fall.

And through the three year --- winter they raid with evil joy.
March they now on Asgard --- Valhalla to destroy.
Fimbulveter has ended. --- The crows in warning cry.
The Einherjar awaken --- for Ragnorock is nigh.

Odin calls to council --- all valiant gods and men.
Arm themselves for battle --- for war they must attend.
The massacre is final --- save those few who should survive
Who've hidden in Yggdrasil --- A world they'll revive.

The captain watches, tired. --- His face it shows now glee.
His eyes turn slowly downward --- for he knows what's soon to be.
Track Name: Dark Mark in the Sky
My mates and I were camping at the quidditch world cup
The Irish sure could party they were tearing that place up
When all at once we heard a noise and watched as in a dream
The death eaters were marching through
and making muggles scream

They tore right through the campsite and they set my tent ablaze
We ducked and ran for cover but then through the smokey haze
I heard an incantation and could not believe my eyes
Skull and snake up in the air and I heard their awful cries

Crucio Cruci-ay

Dark Mark in the sky

Two or three years later I was with these blokes once more
Carousing late in Hogsmeade when this witch burst through the door
She’s yelling bloody murder and she drags us all outside
She points at Hogwart’s Castle and we know that someone’s died.

We ran up to the flying pigs that stand at Hogwart’s gate
Just as we got up there saw some folks disapparate
We ran up to the castle just as fast as we could fly
Saw tangle robes upon the ground and knew it was goodbye
Track Name: House Elf Party in the House of Black
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
We’re deckin’ the house elf heads with holly
Fa la lala, la
Hangin’ up stockings by the fire with Dobby
Fa lala la
A choir of goblins singin’ a carol
Fa la, lala la

House elf party at the House of Black
House elf party at the House of Black
House elf party at the House of Black
Rockin’ this place like the Shreikin’ Shack

Gonna party 12 nights and 12 whole days!
Fa la, lala la
We’ve got every yuletide song cliché!
Fa la lala la
Like snowflakes, mistletoe, toys and glitz
Fa la lala, la
God Rest Ye Merry, Hippogriffs!
House elf party at the House of Black
House elf party at the House of Black
House elf party at the House of Black
Rockin’ this place like the Shreikin’ Shack

Oi Kreacher! Great party you got goin’ here.
Is that me great-aunt Martha’s head hanging on the wall? Oh she was a hard-working elf. Served the Blacks well, she did.
Who’s up for jello shots?
What kind of prezzie did Marvin get for you, dear?
Oh, he got me this dirty old dishrag. It’s moth-eaten and full of holes. Smells a bit of cat urine. I just adore it.
Oh it sounds loverly.
Oi! Abercrombie’s brought along his butterbeer

House elf party at the House of Black
Jolly old time in the House of Black!
House elf party at the House of Black
Dancin’ like a maniac
Party with the Weasleys and Hermione Granger
Garden gnome rave in the manger
Hargid Half-jewish lights the menora
Madame Pince reads from the Torah.
House elf party at the House of Black
Yule log burnin in the House of Black!
House elf party at the House of Black
Rockin’ this place like the Shreikin’ Shack
Track Name: 99 Todesser (99 Death Eaters in it's "original" German)
German Lyrics by
Katy Dröge-Macdonald

Du und ich im Zauberladen
Schokofrösche wollen wir haben
Lass sie frei, sie leben nicht lang
Nur einen Hops, dann sind sie dran
Ich krieg ein komisches Gefühl
Etwas Finsteres ist im Spiel
Unter dunklen Wolkendecken
Sich 99 Todesser verstecken

99 Todesser, unter dunklen Wolkendecken
Das Ministerium schlägt Alarm
Hier ist was faul und zum Erschrecken
Auroren werden alle wach
Und Moody öffnet gar sein Auge
Und blickt sehr angestrengt nach oben
Denn 99 Todesser sind dort droben.

In der Strasse der Entscheidung
sich 99 Herren treffen
In großer Sorge, großer Hast.
Dementoren kommen angerast.
Darauf haben wir gewartet
Das ist es, Jungs, jetzt gibt es Krieg
Cornelius Fudge am Telefon
und 99 Todesser wollen den Sieg

99 Himmelsritter
reiten ihre Feuerblitze
Jeder ist ein Superheld
Jeder ist ein Ludo Bagman
Das Ziel ist: identifizieren
abklären, klassifizieren
Was für'n Gedränge und Gewimmel
Mit 99 Todessern am Himmel
99 Todesser am Himmel

99 dunkle Träume
Das Dunkle Mal schwebt in der Nacht
Es ist vorbei, ich stehe aufrecht
In den Ruinen dieser Stadt
Ach, könnt ich nur beweisen dass hier
Magie regiert hat lange Zeit
Sieh her, hier ist ein Schokofrosch
Ich denk an dich und lass' ihn frei.

and Katy's translation of the German in to English:

You and I in the magic shop
Chocolate frogs is what we want
Set them free, they don't live long
Only one hop and then they're done
I get a strange feeling
Something dark and evil is involved
And under dark cloudy skies
99 death eaters hide

99 death eaters under dark and cloudy skies
The ministry calls red alert
Something's fishy and scary
The aurors have all awakened
And even Moody opens his eye
And looks intently to the above
Because there are 99 death eaters up there.

On decision street
99 men meet
They're very worried and in a big hurry,
Dementors are coming very fast
This is what we've waited for
This is it, boys, there will be war,
Cornelius Fudge on the telephone
and 99 death eaters want the victory

99 sky knights
ride on their firebolts
Everyone's a superhero
Everyone's a Ludo Bagman
The goal is to identify
clarify and classify
What a crowd and what a swarming
With 99 death eaters in the sky
99 death eaters in the sky

99 dark dreams
The Dark Mark floats in the nightsky
It is over and I stand upright
In the ruins of this city
Oh, if I could only prove that
magic reigned here for a long time
Look, here is a chocolate frog.
I think of you and set it free.

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