Just the Essentials - EP

by The Blibbering Humdingers

All summer you stole my letters G C I think that you had better G C Tell me what you thought that would do-oo-oo G C D The Dursleys were entertainin’ G C You started levitatin’ G C That pudding and now I’m out of schoo-oo-ool G C D And then I jumped aboard Em D the Weasleys flying Ford Em D With Ron George and Fred C And Dobby just banged his head D Dobby (dobby dobby) C Bang your head G Yeah Dobby (dobby dobby) C Bang your head G This mental elf will drive you mad. C D G I was playin in a quidditch game Malfoy tryin to do the same Bludger started chasin after me-ee-ee Started flyin all through the bleachers Something burnin- it’s a teacher What you doin Miss Hermione-ee-ee? Then Lockhart worked his charm Got no bones in my arm I’m lying in this bed And Dobby, just banged his head. (bop-bops, same as first part of verse) G C G C G C D x2 Then we got in a fix done in by Bellatrix Em D Em D And now that Dobby’s dead C He cant bang his own head D (talking) D Now I’m a wizard rock star G C Drums, bass, electric guitar G C And Dobby’s gone, but that’s okay-hey-hey G C D I know his spirit lives on G C Rocks out - with me and Ron G C He helps us wrock the night away-hay-hay G C D ‘Cause when I play each show Em D He’s there in the front row Em D Rockin to books he’s read C And bangin’ his head! D ch
I’ve watched you for so long It seems it’s been years I just want to hold you And ease all your fears I'll hold you tight All Through the night And cry to the heavens above I'm in love But I’m a dementor A dementor in love We’ll go for a picnic We’ll go for a stroll Then maybe I’ll kiss you And suck out your soul Oh we could be Just you and me I’ll call you my little Suffles My love. But I’m a dementor A dementor in love <bridge> Although you’re a canine And I am undead I think we can make it My sweet quadruped I don’t mind the flea bites I quite like your fur (rowr) Your soul is exquisite It makes my robe stir So come along Let’s end this song I think that this crowd’s had enough of my love song yes I’m dementor A dementor in love…
G G/C There’s the noble house of Gryffindor G G/C Those Ravenclaw’s are smart G G/C My favorite house is Slytherin Am D We’re full of crafty art C D G There’s one more house at Hogwarts C D G They take all the other duffs C D its hard to call it pride G Em but I think they’re good enough C D G There’s no shame in Hufflepuff C D G no shame in Hufflepuff. Those Hufflepuff’s are dutiful they’re just like everyone else you’ll find them in wizard coffee shoppes hanging out with house elves they’re good at making sandwiches and breathing and lots of other stuff its hard to call it pride but I think they’re good enough there’s no shame in Hufflepuff. no shame in Hufflepuff. We remember Cedric Diggory remember how he died in that Triwizard tournament that boy was out of line He should have stayed at home making sandwiches and doing all that other stuff thought he was so cool but he wasn’t good enough there’s no shame in Hufflepuff no shame in Hufflepuff. There are lots of well known Hufflepuffs in the Potterverse some of them are gardeners and some of them are worse they hang out in the kitchen making sandwiches and pizza, and omelets full of fluff. its hard to call it pride but I think they’re good enough there’s no shame in Hufflepuff. no shame in Hufflepuff. G G/C You got Pamona Sprout and Hannah Abbot. She married Neville wll that’s okay Susan Bones an Ernie MacMillin, they were in the DA. You got Justin & the Fat Friar. They’re a little bit strange. Nymphadora, she’s a Auror. Watch her hair color change.
Nobody Expects that Voldemort sleeps with a Teddy bear. (it smells like moldy cheese) I think his name is Mr. Woobie Nobody expects dementors to plant daisies around Azkaban Or shape a topiary (like a llama or an emu) Nobody expects that Lucius Malfoy gossips with his stylist, they discuss the latest fashions (gets his hair bleached every week) Nobody expects lame choruses to linger Nobody expects a zany one line zinger Nobody expects custard and fish fingers Nobody expects the Blibbering Humdingers Nobody expects Hermione to play an elf in DnD 4.0, chaotic evil (sometimes plays an orc online - for the Horde!) Nobody expects that Snape goes to cup-stacking competitions he gets beaten every time (he lacks a certain “Grace” Kendall) Nobody expects that Viktor Krum takes ball-room dancing lessons. he really likes the mambo. (look out Dancing with the Stars) Chorus Nobody expects.. Firenze-to watch My Little Pony (he sure loves that Twilight Sparkle) and he likes to brush her mane Nobody expects. Trelawny used to be a swimsuit model cover of Brooms Illustrated (a long, long time ago) Nobody expects Argus Filch …to practice oil painting It’s a correspondence course. (all those happy little trees) Nobody expects lame choruses to linger Nobody expects a zany one line zinger Nobody expects custard and fish fingers Nobody expects Random hallway singers Nobody expects Dobby dead head flingers Nobody expects Radar switched to Klinger Nobody expects the Blibbering Humdingers
I met you on the stairs I couldn’t help myself You caught me unawares I was confunded by your spell And now we’re far away from Ron I want to polish up your wand. I want to tie your shoe Like no one else can do I know you want me to I want – to tie your shoe Let’s you and I go out At Honeydukes I’ll eat my fill Exploding bon-bons in my mouth And I’ll suck your sugar quill Lets go upstairs and make a commotion I want taste your magic potion I want to tie your shoe Like no one else can do I know you want me to I want – to tie your shoe Oh Harry, I’ve been waiting for you… why don’t let me make you happy? Let me show you what I’ve been wanting to do for so long… I’ll make you fly so high Farther than your nimbus flew Knock your socks off, lose your tie Free your house-elf, we’ll join SPEW Come on let’s head-up to my room I’ll show you how I zoom your broom I want to tie your shoe Like no one else can do I know you want me to I want… I want you.


We took a bunch of our old recordings down from iTunes, and are no longer selling the CDS that include them. But we still really like some of those songs, so we've updated them for your listening pleasure.

There is a CD version of this with a bunch of additional songs that are available on "Nobody Expects" and "Awkward Hug". But the recordings aren't any different. So just download those songs from here on Bandcamp if you're interested.
Has Anybody Seen My Goyle?
Werewolf's Lament
Hermione's Beaded Bag
Awkward Hug
Lily's Worst Memory
Voldemort Made me Crap My pants
Zip Me Up

Our music is inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. We are not associated with JK Rowling, Warner Bros, Scholastic, Bloomsbury or any of their imprints or licensees.


released July 9, 2014

All songs written and performed by Scott & Kirsten Vaughan

Drums on "Lilly's Worst Memory" and "Voldemort Made me Crap My Pants" are by Bryce Cone.

Banjo and Drum on "I Lose Myself" are by Jackie Haley.
Electric Violin and additional vocals on "I Lose Myself" are by Jessica Zimmerman




The Blibbering Humdingers Cary, North Carolina

These magical masters of musical hi-jinx and mayhem will wizard rock the tea towel right off your house elf. Their unique blend of 80s new wave, 50s do-wop, straight up pop rock and old-timey sing-song comedy will leave you laughing and crying for more. Songs about the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Dr Who, D&D, the SCA, medieval fantasy and all kinds of nerdy fandom. Salaciously whimsical! ... more

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